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Ceramic coating

- Extend paint job lifespan with high-quality ceramic coatings -Installed by certified professionals Provides maximum gloss and protection against debris, sap, stains, and UV damage -We handle the work; you enjoy the ride -Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction -Suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, RVs, etc.


Ceramic tint is an advanced type of window tint designed for maximum heat and UV protection. It's main difference between a regular window tint, is it's performance when it comes to blocking sunlight and solar heat. 100% customer satisfaction and lifetime warranty


Paint protection film is a relatively thick transparent layer of urethane that’s applied on top of the body panels to protect the paint underneath. The material is very strong, flexible, chemically stable, and resistant to UV degradation. Applied on top of your vehicle, it becomes a second skin to body panels, protecting the paint against mechanical damage like scratches, dings, and paint chips, as well as UV and chemical erosion.


When you want to change your vehicle’s appearance, you can choose between painting it or wrapping it. Both of these options allow you to outfit your vehicle with a new look, but there are some major differences between them. Vehicle wraps offer a few key benefits compared to painting, such as lower costs, better quality, greater protection and more design options. Vehicle wraps’ advantages make them an ideal choice for car owners and fleet managers, whether they’re looking to save money or create a one-of-a-kind design. Color change/ commercial wraps/ partial wrap/ chrome delete/ full blackout package.


swirl marks , scratches, water spots, car wash marring by poor washing techniques and etc, all these imperfections makes your vehicle’s paint or boat’s paint not the way that you want to be but our company will have your solution, paint correction is the way to solve all these imperfection and restoring it to a better than new finish. There are many different stages of paint correction that we are providing and all depends on your vehicle condition for more Information please contact us


Quality service at your doorstep. We know you have a busy schedule, which is why you can book an appointment wherever and whenever works best for you. Our Certified detailers will come to you.



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G Vincente
3 weeks ago

Bought an old truck the hood was extra faded I couldn't drive it like that these guys wrapped it to bring it back to life ...set an appointment they were quick and on time will be going back to get things done on my other cars check these guys out asap !

Jay Mak
3 weeks ago

Best service hands down!!! Gave me the best starlight for my urus and the best detailing in my matte out g wagon!! Erfan, Amir, Prince, and Afid are AMAZING!! 10/10

Krishi Jalakam
3 weeks ago

Richansh G
3 weeks ago

Ishaan Shanbhag
3 weeks ago

Very nice people and did a really nice job with the car.

Aarnav Gakhar
3 weeks ago

Great customer service

Amir Moussat
4 weeks ago

Tannaz Gilak
a month ago

Best auto detailing and wrap experience I have e er had. My ceramic coating has lasted over a year like the first day that it was done. I highly recommend Amir and his team. You can leave your car with peace of mind that it is in great hands!

Amir Ramirez
a month ago


Amir Gilak
3 months ago

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Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings Are The Perfect Solution For Topical Gloss And Protection. Unlike Other Coatings, Ceramic Coatings Form A Hard Shell Of 3-Dimensional Polymeric Silicon Around Your Vehicle’s Paint Surfaces That Acts As Sacrificial Layer With Extreme Gloss And Clarity. The Result Is An Everlasting Shine That You Will Be Able To Flaunt.